2 Car Garage Plans – Be Careful When You Choose a Size!

2 car garage plans are not all equal and there are many variations in size and shape that you need to be ready to deal with when selecting the right plans for your garage. You can’t just look at square footage and assume that bigger is better. You need to take a few key points into consideration in order to make sure you get the right garage.

First of all, the type of car you drive is very important. Your current cars are obviously of the most importance but try and look ahead as well. If you’re the type that tends to drive small cars like Toyota Corollas, then you can get away with a narrower garage, but if you plan your garage for 2 small cars and then decide down the road to buy an SUV you might find yourself in a bit of a bind!

Remember, a garage that is 20X20 is 400 square feet, but a 40X10 garage is also 400 square feet. Good luck getting 2 cars in a 10 foot wide garage! Don’t just automatically jump on the larger square footage. You might end up with a long garage that doesn’t accommodate both cars very well, or at all.

Generally speaking, a  20X20 garage is going to be a little tight, especially if you plan on using the garage for storage or any other purposes. You have to remember that you also need to be able to open the car doors while they’re parked, so measure the cars with the doors open. In general 24X24 should be sufficient for most cars. If you’re a truck driver you might want to consider bigger. If you can manage to get a 30X30 you’ll probably be alright.

If you’re looking into pre-built garages or measuring off of a potential real estate purchase, you’ll probably be fairly limited in your choices, but if you’re building your own, remember, when looking for plans, you need to consider all the uses you have planned for the garage and build accordingly. Try to allow 12 feet for each car if you can, and if you need extra storage, or a work area, consider making the garage at least 6 feet deeper than it is wide.

Building your own garage is a great exercise. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it gives you a sense of accomplishment and a level of flexibility that is unmatched. But remember, if you do it wrong, you might find yourself stuck with a very, very non-functional building that can only one of your cars, or doesn’t meet your other needs. Make sure you do it right. Get a good set of plans and make certain you’ve laid out ahead of time exactly what your requirements are for the project.

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