#28,… Wisconsin Concrete Park!

www.friendsoffredsmith.org Wisconsin Concrete Park is located on hwy 13 about 1 mile south of Phillips Wisconsin! There is no fee for this attraction! This info was from the Friends of Fred Smith website! I have provided a link to this website above! Fred Smith was born in 1886 to first generation German immigrants to Price County. He built his house, barn, and tavern on property he homesteaded in Phillips in 1903. Smith worked in regional lumber camps from his early teens until 1948. Although it is assumed that he retired due to his arthritis, his long days of rigorous physical work were far from over. Smith became an artist. At that time he began to build bas relief plaques and sculptures in the vicinity of his tavern, the Rock Garden Tavern. Smith’s work evolved from two dimensional into three-dimensional sculptures and tableaux, which he built on an ambitious scale throughout his property. Lacking formal training in art or art history, Smith was nevertheless moved by a strong and sustained personal vision that compelled him to animate his landscape with images from his life and imagination. Smith was not merely decorating his yard; his sculpture, sited intentionally within familiar terrain, took the form of an ingenious spatial narrative. Of this he said: Smith’s chosen medium was concrete. He ornamented early works with painted scenes and bas-relief glass embellishments, and created high-relief decorated surfaces, using glass (bottles, flat colored pieces, insulators

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