8 Introducing Farmville’s Chicken Coop and Nursery Barn

farmvillefunclub.com After harvesting our amaranth from our last video, we rearrange our farm and build a chicken coop and nursery barn. The chicken coop costs 5000 farmville coins can hold up to 20 chickens and they gain money by computing the number of chickens multiplied by the harvesting price (example: 10 chickens * 6 harvesting pts = 60 Farmville coins). Farmville Farmers are only allowed one chicken coop per farm, so if you already have another chicken coop and your neighbor gives you one as a gift, it becomes a regular chicken! The nursery barn is used to store foals and calves and can be purchased for 5000 Farmville coins. The issue with the nursery barn is that you only bought the wood frame of the barn and need to help out your neighbors in return for building materials, such as bricks and nails, and other items. Once the nursery barn, you will receive a free foal to store in your barn. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel (secretfarmvilletips) and visit www.farmvillefunclub.com, where you can join our new Farmville community for awesome tips, tricks, and secrets for building the best farm on Facebook! Also, sign up now for a chance to win a Free Apple iPad! There is no purchase necessary! All you need to do is visit FarmvilleFunClub.com today!

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