Cheating Husband Signs You Ought to Know

There are actually quite a few cheating husband signs that most women would do well to commit to memory. Men cheat for a wide range of reasons but many of these signs are common among men who cheat for any of these reasons – particularly those men who cheat consistently.

Changes in Behavior

If your man starts taking baths in the middle of the afternoon, wearing cologne to the gym, or helping his friends build barns (or something along those lines – especially if you live in the heart of the city) then something is most definitely up.

There are other changes in behavior that point to something being rotten in Denmark. They include things like a sudden interest in the Internet, postal mail, or even changes in cell phone usage and etiquette. If he’s suddenly stepping outside to take phone calls or has a brand new line that is separate from your regular cellular service there may be problems to check into.

Other behavior signs that there is something going on with your husband include the following:

Changes in dress.
New hairstyle.
Sudden interest in working out or getting in shape.
Coloring his hair out of the blue.
Picking fights with you.
Unusually quiet at home and with friends and family.
Easily startled.
Constantly distracted.

Money Signs

If your marriage is like most marriages around the world the budget is stretched pretty thin right about now. If you’re suddenly finding that you have less money than you should and there’s no adequate explanation for where the money is going you will definitely want to get to the bottom of things.

Men cannot maintain a lover for any length of time without spending some money to keep the affair going. There may be meals or hotel charges and even the cost of gifts to the woman he’s seeing on the side. Get to the bottom of money matters quickly and always check to see if there is a paper trail of receipts and or credit card usage.

Call the credit card companies to see if there are any unusual charges on your account. Call the bank to see if he has any accounts you aren’t aware of. Check with the cell phone company to see if there are any suspicious calls he’s sending or receiving. Check his computer when he’s not around and see which sites he’s visiting frequently. These are all small things you can do to check up on signs that your husband is cheating so you don’t make accusations without information.

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