Cobble Stone: The Best Architectural Stone

Cobblestones are stones frequently utilized in the street pavements. These stones are formed with the help of smooth stones derived from riverbeds. The stones are thereafter cobbled. Cobblestones are set into a similar material. These stones can also bet set in sand.

Cobblestone pavements let a road to become durable. It also prevents rut build ups found in dirt roads. These roads do not get muddy in wet weather.

Cobblestones that are set in sand and possess the environmental advantage. Cobble stoned streets are ideal for macadam roads. These modern roads cannot do without cobblestones. You would be surprised to know that many old streets and roads in Europe are still paved with cobble stones.

Several old cities including Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia are paved with cobblestones. If we talk about cobblestone architecture, several wonders can be seen in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Most architecture of the Pre Civil War era have used cobblestones for walls. These days, you can find around six hundred cobblestone buildings are fixed as historic locations whereas other are still used as private homes. Cobblestones were also used to build barns, stores, stage coach taverns, schools, cemetery, factories and churches.

Here are some of the most common uses of cobblestone:

a) Footpaths:

Footpaths become very durable with cobblestones.

b) Demarking:

Cobblestones are widely used for demarking areas.

c) Pavements:

These stones can be used to make pavements using two or more than two colors.

d) Pedestrian crossings:

Cobblestones make great pedestrian crossings

e) Tree surrounds:

Cobblestones can be used to make tree surrounds.

f) Grass verges:

In many areas, cobblestones are used to make grass verges.

g) Grass patterns:

With the help of cobblestone, you can make best of grass patterns.

Other uses:

Cobblestones are also used to make pool surrounds, garden edges, speed bumps, feature walls, roundabouts, fire place surrounds, warning strip before school crossing, anti roller blade, skate board areas, feature walls, commemorative dates, designs set in concrete.

Cobblestones can be used via combining with other paving products such as granite, concrete, marble and ceramic.

Combination of green and grey porphyry and dark red granite cobblestones are used combined with brick paving for road paving. Dark red granite cobblestones can make effective and simple roundabouts. Black granite cobblestones and porous paving are utilized for tree surrounds.

Cobblestone are best utilize for road pavements. These stones make great material for these pavements.

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