DIY Studio Lights for Cheap

I needed lights that would be transportable, so what I did was made a lighting rig that is fully collapsable. The whole setup uses two florescent lights, two clamp lights, and one flood light. I made reflective barn doors for the florescent lights out of a sunshade for a car windshield ( which you can make two sets out of one sunshade.) The barn doors are also adjustable by bending the wire hangers at a longer or shorter length. ( The longer the wire, the wider the barn doors are open.) I originally used just the florescent lights but I didn’t like the blueish tint that it left on my face, so I added the clamp light to each rig. I also found that the flood light I was using as a backlight was to powerful, and there are situations you run into where there isn’t a white wall to bounce the light off of, so I made a light reflector with an adjustable stand to use for that. The beauty with the adjustable stand is that you don’t need someone there to hold the reflector. Enjoy, build your own, and let me know what you think.

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