Garage Apartment Plans – Add Extra Space and Extra Value to Your Home

A garage apartment is really a great thing to have for a number of reasons. The benefits to having a detached apartment in your garage are many. Whether you just want some extra space, want to rent for extra income, or just want somewhere for guests to stay, adding a detached garage apartment might be the way to go for you.

A garage apartment is great for extra income…
You can rent your garage apartment (assuming of course it’s up to code and the zoning for your area allows it) to bring in extra monthly income. There are always people looking for affordable housing and a garage apartment gives you the option of bringing in a renter without having them in your main home, a very desirable situation for both parties.

A garage apartment is a also great option for parents with college aged kids. It gives the student a sense of independence and private quarters without the necessary expense that comes along with most apartments, and gives the parents the option of collecting whatever level of rent they choose to subsidize the cost for the student.

Garage apartments are great for guests…
A garage apartment opens up a lot of options for having guests over. They’re particularly good for people who have a lot of family who live out of town or in different parts of the country. Offering a garage apartment as a place to stay can be a big help and often makes it affordable for people to travel when they otherwise wouldn’t due to the high cost of hotels. Garage apartments let you bring those guests in without the need for them to feel like they’re imposing by staying in your main house.

If any of these scenarios sound like something you may find yourself in, then a garage apartment may be perfect for you. Remember though, you need to check to make sure your area is zoned for garage apartments, otherwise you could end up in legal trouble by building one. Finally, if you do plan on putting in a garage apartment, remember that it’s absolutely imperative that you not just wing it and try to build without a proper set of plans. You absolutely need a set of quality, professional plans in order to make the project easier and to ensure safety.

There are a lot of good plans available on the internet. Check out for all of your garage plan needs including garage apartments which will meet all of your needs, whether it be for rental or family.

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