Got the DIY Skills? – Build Your Own Steel Buildings and Get the Most From Your Budget

This article advises on building options for buying your own steel building.  The building range is vast – from small single garages to large industrial units.  Many DIY experts have the skills to erect the smaller steel building, such as garages and workshops themselves.  This article advises how to go about building your own steel buildings with basic step by step advice on what is required.

This article takes you though the steps required to build a steel building suitable for your needs.

Steel buildings can be a cost effective option for you.  The turnaround for the design, supply and erection of the steel buildings are impressively short.  For example timescales for an average double garage would typically be:  building design and basic costs –design completed that day (or couple of days if a few design options are required.)  The order and delivery of the materials are between 3-4 weeks.  Erection of a double garage would typically take 3-4 days, weather depending.   If erecting the building yourself it may be prudent to add a contingency to the building time.

Design flexibility – the range of buildings on offer is vast.  We supply industrial units, garages, workshops and industrial workspace for the commercial sector.  We also have a wide range of agricultural buildings such as barns, machinery buildings, outbuilding, stables as well as single garages, double garages, workshops and sheds for the residential markets

Benefits of steel buildings

The steel building option is environmentally friendly – the design service ensures that sheet steel is pre cut and fits the design requirements. This ensures minimum waste, saving money and materials.  This pre-engineering and preparation also ensures more rapid build.  The steel is recyclable and as the steel frame is bolted to a concrete base there is the option to take down, which may be an option if the building needs to be re-sited.

Pembs Steel buildings offer a free design quote and have a personal service that gives you the opportunity to discuss design options, and ask our experienced staff to recommend options that add benefit or can meet your needs more effectively and efficiently.  We want the best for our customers and try to ensure the building will give maximum value for money.

Step 1 – getting a basic design and cost outline that will meet your needs.

The first step is to ensure that you have a basic design and an idea of the costs.  A free quotation service allows you to obtain a design and discuss design options with experienced staff that can advise on the finer details that warrant consideration.

Output from this step includes Steel design Plan and basic Costs

Step 2- Steel build options – self build or use of steel erectors?

If you have good DIY skills you may wish to erect the building yourself.  Many people who have basic building knowledge opt for this option.  We are happy to advise on the basics and with previous customers offer a level of support as required by the customer.

Step 3- Getting the concrete base in place.

When given the basic design the base dimensions are included.  It is important to check not only the width and length, but also the diagonal prior to pouring the concrete to ensure that the base is square and true to the base design plan.

Step 4 -Delivery of the materials

The delivery date and address is agreed.  Do not forget to include the basics about the site that affect delivery.  For example low cables that effect erection of scaffolding, access for large trucks etc need to be specified early to prevent problems later on.

Step 5- Build your own steel building or would you prefer the build project managed?

Based on the size and complexity of the project it may be an option to build your own.  When discussing the design Pembs steel Buildings can outline the building skills required or project manage the build for you.  Past customers have built their own and used us to get advice on the hanging roller doors etc.  We can give the level of support required to suit your experience and preferences. We can advise on the skills and tools required and offer support.

Why not visit our website to get a feel for the varied build of steel buildings that are available.  The pictures of previous designs will help to give you a feel for what is possible.  Our free desifn service offers the opportunity for bespoke designs that can ensure a design fit for your requirements and budget.


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