How the 3 Most Popular Construction Companies of the World Started

Being considered as one of the top 3 construction companies in the world is no easy feat. Moreover, it is harder to maintain a slot in the list of the 3 most popular construction companies in the world

Construction companies offer services necessary for the development or improvement of buildings, homes, offices, and various infrastructures. This is why the construction industry is a multi-billion dollar market.

A lot of construction companies built their businesses because of potential profitability, but some have folded due to the competitiveness of the top players in the construction industry. Being popular means good business for construction companies. Here is a list of some of the popular construction companies in the world along with a brief history about their humble beginnings:


Bechtel is the first choice for engineering construction and project management. Its services range from energy, transportation, communications, and mining along with oil, gas and government services. Its projects are located worldwide, from Alaska to Australia. Bechtel can handle challenging projects because they practice an unparalleled combination of knowledge, skill, experiences, and customer commitment in each job they undertake.

Warren A. Bechtel, like many great American entrepreneurs, began an impressive journey of building four generations of his family before conquering much of the world. In 1898, the 25-year-old Warren and Clara, his then pregnant wife, left their cattle farm in Kansas.. They went 100 miles south to Oklahoma Territory’s dusty expanses to search for new opportunities and construction work.

Warren packed up his family in 1898 and headed to the west, particularly in Oregon. After leaving Southern Pacific Engineering Department, he and his family moved to nearby Reno.

In 1902, when Warren was out of work, he met A.J. Barkley, the manager for Southern Pacific. Barkley was impressed by Warren; he hired Bechtel as an estimator for their Southern Pacific Wadsworth office with an offer of merely $55 a month. Working hard, Bechtel quickly learned the trade and moved to Oden, Utah. Later on, he returned to Nevada in order to serve for a quarry within Lovelock as a so-called “gravel pit superintendent”.

Learning new techniques and adding these to extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry, Warren was given the opportunity as an independent contractor in the year 1906. Bechtel along with George S. Colley Sr. joined forces, subcontracting and cutting limestone near the main line of the Western Pacific Railroad. The limestone then broke into irregular pieces and caused a heavy outbreak. Although the job was considered as a failure, Bechtel showed an astounding skill – the capability to negotiate. He as able to persuade Western Pacific to take the excess limestone as filler; turning this probable loss into a small profit.

After this, he rented a Marion steam Model 20 shovel for the regarded Sunol job. In 1909, he became its owner. He then wasted no time in having his name painted, “W.A. Bechtel Co.” across the side of the cab.

It took Bechtel 16 years before he incorporated the business. The purchase of Marion is a testimony to his determination in building a lasting organization. In the following years, Bechtel Company constantly developed innovative ways in order to put technology to work. He even invested in several new machineries.

By 1909, W.A. Bechtel Company accepted its first prime contract. It was grading the site of Oroville, California in the Western Pacific, which is stationed within the “Oakland-Salt Lake City” line


Mc Carthy Construction Company was founded by Timothy McCarthy, a regarded. Irish immigrant. He started the business as a lumber office in the year 1864. He then started to build barns and farm houses in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The contracting firm he founded still carries his name up to now. It is still one of the largest and diversified construction companies ever built. It is a family owned business that has lasted for 138 years.

By 2002, it became 100% employee owned. Each of their employees has a personal and financial stake in the company’s future. Each of them showed greater responsibility for each other, innovating and giving real value to the business. The result is an empowering environment that is entrepreneurial in nature. It is geared towards giving their clients creative and value-oriented building solutions.

McCarthy functions with the classiest building systems but operates in the style of a family business. Personal relationships have no substitute in the performance of their ability.


The Baker Concrete Construction Inc. was founded in Oxford, Ohio in 1968. It was founded by Daniel L. Baker. He learned the cement finished trade from his grandfather, Elmer Baker.

Elmer Baker was a stone and cement mason who worked for 60 years. Daniel started his own business with his 2 brothers. As the size and scope of work in the company increased, they developed their reputation, residential work expanded and even included light commercial and light industrial projects.

The total concrete packages included large super structures, parking garages, and even heavy industry projects operating as the backbone of the company. They are currently moving forward and thus providing balance and lasting contribution to people, the community, and the construction industry.

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