How to Build a Garage – 3 Great Tips for Building Your Garage

Building your own garage? It can be a lot of fun and it gives you a level of flexibility and control that can really make a difference in the finished product. But only if you do it right. Do it wrong though and you’ll end up with an expensive building that doesn’t do anything well and may not even hold your cars the way you want it to! Here are three great tips on how to ensure that your garage turns out great.

Plan out everything you need the garage to do ahead of time.
One easy mistake to make is to over simplify what you want  your garage to do in the planning stage. You might have two cars so you’ll plan it to be big enough to hold them and that’s it. But then when you decide down the road you want to store your bikes or boxes in there, you may not have the room. Sit down and think about every use you’ll likely put the garage to, and make sure to plan accordingly.

Consider your cars now, but also in the future.
You might have two smart cars now, but will you always? Remember, if you build your garage a little too big you’ll always have extra space and that isn’t the worst thing in the world. But build it too small and you don’t get a second chance! Just because you’ve got a tiny car now doesn’t mean you always will, so try and plan ahead. Generally speaking, 12 feet of width for each car will allow you lots of space for small cars and enough space to get larger trucks or SUVs in should you need to.

Follow a good set of professional plans.
The best thing you can do for your garage is to get yourself a good set of professionally designed plans. This way you ensure the building will be well designed, to code, and capable of doing all the things a garage should. Garages come in a lot of different sizes, so decide on which size is right for you and then invest in a set of plans. They’ll make the process much, much easier for you and you’ll be very glad that you did.

Building your own garage is a great way to ensure you get exactly what you want, but a garage is a very functional building. If you built your bedroom a little small it wouldn’t be a big deal, but build your garage wrong and you might find yourself with an almost useless space. These tips will help you ensure that you know exactly how to build your own garage and that it turns out as well as possible.

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