Marbella Trestle Table: The History of a Unique Dining Table Design | Pottery Barn Learn the rich history behind Pottery Barn’s Marbella Trestle Table and its unique dining table design. The artful craftsmanship that went into the creation of this Pottery Barn table is what makes it a timeless piece of history. The design for our handmade table comes from the early European monasteries. With their sturdy build and elongated shape, trestle tables were ideal for large gatherings. Our Marbella Table is elegant, functional, and constructed almost entirely by hand. Its smooth texture and multi-step finish create a depth of color that you would normally only find in antique handmade tables. Another great feature of the Marbella design is that it is an expandable table, perfect when serving a large group. This classic, time-honored trestle table will add a touch of history to any dining room. It is perfect for any home, and can be used gatherings of every kind. For Pottery Barn’s entire collection of dining tables, check out our website:

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