N Scale Model Trains and Scenery

The N scale model trains came into existence in 1962 when the Arnold Company of Nuremberg commercially launched the N gauge trains. The N gauge is a very popular scale, only being beaten by the HO gauge. N gauge stands for 9mm which is the distance between the rails. The N gauge is so popular because of its size, apartment dwellers and people with limited space can model a nice layout in a small area. The detail in the locomotive and the rolling stock is amazing to be so small. Another important factor is that you can find almost any type of house, building, barn, cars, trucks, and n scale people for your layout. The majority of N scale trains are modeled on a scale 1:160 although you can find other scales, but they all will run on N gauge track. MOROP in Europe and NMRA in the USA are in charge of setting the standards for both the manufacture and the modeler.

There are many manufactures of N gauge model train locomotive, rolling stock, and scenery. The main manufacturers of N scale in the USA are Atlas Model Railroad Company, Atheam, and Kato USA. Also Wm. K. Walthers manufactures a line of structures and a line of N scale train cars. Other manufactures of N scale are Arnold, BLMA Models, Micro Train, Roco, to name just a few.

Modeling in N scale is fun and simple to model. The beanchwork can be made out of 1X4 lumber with a piece of 3/8 plywood on top. The terrain is can be modeled out of screen wire and spackling compound. An N scale layout can be realistic looking with a little patience. You can by railroad crossing that have gates that come down when the train is approaching. Now days with DCC control you can have more than one train traveling on the same track and being controlled independently. With N scale you can model mountains with tunnels through them without using very much space. You can model bridges crossing rivers or highways. There is really not much that you can’t model. With your imagination and artistic ability and a few model railroad tips and you can have a great layout that you can be proud of. Therefore if you imagine something in your mind you probably can build it without any problem. There is only one way to find out and that is to try.

If you want to get deeply involved in the hobby there are many clubs and organizations that you can join. The NTrak Modular Railroading Society is a modeling group that lets you build your own part of a layout that will join with anyone else’s module. All of these module can be put together to form a large layout. NTrack modules are required to have three tracks (two are “mainline” tracks and the third is the “branchline” track). Or you can join the oNe Trak which only requires a single main line. Also I am sure that you can find a local club in your area that will be glad to help you with any questions. To find more information on modeling go to http://www.trainmodelingbook.com.

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