Phoenix Barn Swithland Agricultural Holdings Illegal Demolition Order by Charnwood Borough Council This true story is about maladministration of a local Council called Charnwood Borough Council in Leicestershire and the way in which the Council granted planning approvals for the construction of a stone and slate barn for our farming business called Swithland Agricultural Holdings, based in Swithland Leicestershire. After the barn was nearly completed, Charnwood Borough Council issued an enforcement notice for the barn to be demolished because of local political pressure. The Council said that the barn had been built without planning permission although the Council admit to granting us permission to build the barn and approving the detailed plans. See the story here and visit our website to comment and vote. We need as much help as possible for viewers of this video to visit our forum and comment in support of our battle against Charnwood Borough Council. The more comments of support we have, the more ammunition we have to fight this devious and calculating Borough Council.

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