Planning Permission for the Villages of Turgut, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Bozburun, Sogut, and Hisaronu | Marmaris | Turkey

To be more specific: These are transitional period development provisions, governed within the boundaries of Mugla province, belonging to the 1/25 scale environmental social order of rural settlement of the protected areas. We believe that this authority was developed in order to prevent unauthorized, illegal building development. This amendment comprises of 3 pages and 18 clauses. In short, let us clarify that this does not mean that there is planning permission in the villages. However, property that conforms to the specified criteria and has legal building permission, can be constructed on, based on the specified dimensions.


According to the 1/25 scale environmental develoment plans, Village Settlement Areas and Village Development Areas are referred to as “rural settlement areas”. Combinations can be made in these areas, however, allotment is not possible. Parcels less than 400 m2, 100 meters from the sea, 15 meters from the the cadastral road within the Village Settlement Areas, and land with boundaries not more the 25 meters, within the village Development Areas are subject to these Planning Rules. First level (1st floor) construction permission cannot exceed 85 m2, and the building cannot be higher than 2 levels (2 stories). This is applicable to parcels that border the cadastral road(s) from either the left or right sides. This is a mandatory rule. The land owner does not have to be registered with the village vital statistics if the plan is to build a pension and/or bed and breakfast on their land. Land owners registered with the village vital statistics are allowed to build 2 dwellings on each parcel. Other than the home construction planning authority, there is an additional 25 m2 permittable construction for outbuildings, such as storage buildings, barns, and the like.




Must be frontline with the Cadastral road Within 15 meters from the Village Settlement Areas and 25 meters from the Village Development Areas Must be at least 100 meters from the sea Must be outside the governmental zoned agricultural land The land cannot be situated within the areas that are zoned as historical sites


As far as we know, the planning permissions for the villages are nearing its final stages and our hope is that these beautiful virgin villages will maintain and preserve their natural beauty and that the planning permissions will soon be finalized. We find the Transitional Period Development Rules to be favorable. Please email or telephone us for more information.


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