Pottery Barn Rugs: Creating Our Hand Knotted Wool Rugs | Pottery Barn

www.potterybarn.com Take a look at the intricate process that goes into crafting Pottery Barn’s handmade rugs. Rich in color and history, Pottery Barn rugs are full of unique patterns designed by skilled artisans. Diverse blends of wool are chosen to provide a variety of textures and effects to each handmade rug. Hand knotted wool rugs represent the best quality in rug. Starting at the base of the loom, the weavers’ skilled hands build up the carpet row by row. The weaver then hammers down the knots so that the weave is tight and the pattern of the handmade wool rug is evenly aligned. During the finishing process, the artisans clip off any excess fabric, and sort the strands of wool by hand. This enhances the clarity and design of these beautiful hand knotted rugs by separating motifs and colors. Each hand tufted wool rug is created by taking a trace of the tufted design and transferring it onto base fabric that’s stretched across a vertical steel frame. The tufted gun technique creates a unique variety of traditional Indian rugs. Beautiful design, expert craftsmanship, and artistic tradition are what make Pottery Barn rugs authentic and unique. Find Pottery Barn’s full collection of wool rugs here: www.potterybarn.com

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