Redesign Your Home the Dream Way With Reclaimed Wood Beams and Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is excellent if you are looking for a cost effective yet robust way to add to the aesthetics of your home. The unique character of reclaimed wood imparts antique appearance to the furniture. These days, there are several online reclaimed wood companies that offer rich species of reclaimed woods at amazingly low prices. Since these online resources neither spend money on setting up retail facility nor hiring extensive staff, they tend to save a lot. The savings are then passed on to the customers as huge discounts.

You can choose from the beds, shelving units, granary console, mirrors, home accents, tables and desks and other custom made reclaimed wood furniture to suit your home décor.

These online resources also offer reclaimed beams, lumber and other wood products to help you redesign your home your dream way. Reclaimed from the 19th century buildings, barns, textile mills, tobacco warehouses, and factories, the reclaimed beams offer unmatched stability to just any setting – from rustic and traditional to urban and contemporary. The reclaimed beams can be found in Hand Hewn, Plain Sawn Beams, and Rough Sawn. The species of woods you can choose from include Wormy Chestnut, Antique Oak, Hickory, Poplar, Beech, and Heart Pine.

Furthermore, many of these online resources also offer mill direct facility, that is, your chosen reclaimed wood furniture and beams will be shipped directly from their saw mills, demolition sites, and factories. In addition, these reclaimed wood companies also help you throughout the decision making process. You can send them an email indicating the product you are interested in buying. They will then get back to you to help you choose the right one from the assortment.

Since most of these companies regularly ship internationally, so you can expect your order to be delivered in least possible time. If you want to view the sample, they will send the same if possible. There are certain products that can’t be sent for viewing as samples such as large furniture etc. However if you need to have samples of reclaimed wood flooring etc. they will send it across. is a trusted name in high quality reclaimed wood, Cypress lumber, Heart pine, reclaimed antique flooring, reclaimed beams, reclaimed pine and a wide range of Reclaimed wood furniture


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