Shed Plans: 5 Easy Steps to Select Your Building Materials 5 Easy Steps for selecting your building materials for your garden storage shed, getting them home, stacked, and protected from the weather. An often-overlooked aspect of building a good wooden shed is the selection of the materials. These days, you’re often faced with grabbing a cart and picking out your own lumber from the bins at the local home center. Choosing the right lumber and getting it home is a hassle in itself. I’ve done it many times so I’ve got some tips for you. Plus, you’ll discover how best to protect that pricey lumber. With your materials list in hand, you set out for your local home center. These stores will have most everything you need to build your storage shed, and the prices are usually competitive. Sometimes you can catch their flyer and find specials on one thing or another. If you are in the military, they often give an extra 10% discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount since you’ll be buying a lot of stuff. Usually, you can work out a discount 8 out of 10 times. Just show your materials list at the contractor’s desk. They’ll likely not only give you something like 10% off your whole order, but they’ll also call one of their people to help you load up your cart. If you have a lot of lumber to carry home, these stores often have small flatbed trucks that they rent by the hour. These rental trucks are an economical way to get your materials home. Just park your car, rent the truck, take your materials home

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