Table Centerpiece Ideas: How to Create Unique Centerpieces | Pottery Barn Learn how to create a long lasting table centerpiece with Pottery Barn Floral Designer, Nico De Swert. These unique centerpiece ideas can be put together in a matter of minutes. If you like fruit arrangements, create your own with mandarin oranges, lemons, and lemon leaves. First, create a base of lemon leaves in your fruit bowl. Take the lemons in bundles and place them all around the edge of the bowl. Add the mandarin oranges on top, interspersing them together. If you want your fruit arrangements to last even longer, you can use faux fruit from Pottery Barn’s vase filler collection. The next centerpiece idea takes three simple ingredients: Pottery Barn lanterns, clump moss, and river rocks. Place the clump moss all around the lanterns, and place the rocks on top of the moss. That’s all it takes to make a long lasting table centerpiece. These unique centerpieces are very easy updates for your home that you can enjoy for a long time. To recreate this lantern centerpiece, check out Pottery Barn’s lantern collection: Find the rest of Pottery Barn’s vase fillers and botanicals here:

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