Trips Week 3: Part One

Monday… It’s finally here. The final addition to the Trips Week series. It’s the end of a very spooky trilogy! It’s Spring Trips again. Our dear friends Gina and Hayya find themselves at Gina’s farm way out in the middle of nowhere, ready to have fun and build a barn. Certain that no one will get hurt, the two ignore a strange rock that Wade finds while digging. Little do they know what’s in store for them this Trips Week. Starring: Hayya Mintz Gina Kolb Wade McSurely Bradshaw Eric Chris Hoebbel Jordan Cosentini Kim Forest Kennedy Dustin Gibian Nathan Martin Shaw Jacob Brock Izzi O’malley Brumberg Kate Alfaro Seven Caso Caleb Kessler Benjamin Machan Howd Jackie Zhang Sarah McIlvennie Maxine Etchison Tori Quarrier

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