Welcome to My Barn – Tour

zeees is the long awaited tour of my barn! it was pretty rushed because, A. it was SUPER cold B. well frankly, i wanted to start riding XD THE HORSES! (in the video) alan (dur)- 17 hh chestnut thoroughbred, x-race horse/ x-junior jumper, I LEASE HIM!!!!! (best horse everrrrr) whoopie- warmblood mare, just got sold ziggy- 4 yr old dutch warmblood, he’s the horse that overjumps ALOT and when he was being free-jumped over 3’6 jumps, there was daylight between this stomach the top of the 5 or 6ft standards!!! champ- dutch warmblood my friend got for his birthday, such a sweetie!!! snoopy- the pony at the barn (besides a new one that came in after i made this video) rennie- my trainer’s GORGEOUS grand prix show jumper. he’s incredible! vienna- very pretty girl =) torrey- grand prixer? i think sandra- pretty sure she recently competed or is going to compete in her first grand prix in WEF or maybe before, i dunno haha and casey- again, want to say another grand prix horse, but i’m not sure.. no clue xD so yeah, i love this barn SOOOOSOSO much! 😀 and please don’t ask me what the board is, because i don’t know and odds are you don’t live anywhere by me 😛

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